Family History of Klerken Klerken

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Why Klerken? Home since… Why does the site speak of Klerken? Wouldn’t it have been more logical to take a domain like The site, which has been online since the Middle Ages of the internet, was inspired by the discovery – also via the internet – of the extended family, all over the […]

Life in Flanders Recipes


It is again the time of early winter rain, dark evenings, a visit from Saint Nicholas , and that means Speculoos, of course! What is speculoos? Speculoos are crispy, spiced biscuits very famous in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. When you order a cup of coffee, chances are that you will receive speculoos cookies […]

History of Klerken Klerken

Klerken, where does the name come from?

As posted before, we want to take a closer look at the history of Klerkem – that is, Clarc – but no, Clercken – Klerken! What’s up with this name? The name Klerken Klerken, where does that come from? Through the years, we find many different spellings. Klerken, Clercken, Klerkem, Clarcq, and, oldest mention, Clarc. […]

Life in Flanders Traditions

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes of Saint Nicholas? Not exactly. It’s not early, as you might think, as Saint Nicholas is celebrated on the 6th of December. But then again, children here are not waiting up for him either. In the region of Klerken, the good saint has already come along, as we celebrate Saint Martin. The good […]


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Welcome to There’s nothing much to look at, yet, but we’ve only just arrived at our new online home, and we’ve still got a lot to unpack. See you soon!