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Why Klerken?

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Why does the site speak of Klerken? Wouldn’t it have been more logical to take a domain like

The site, which has been online since the Middle Ages of the internet, was inspired by the discovery – also via the internet – of the extended family, all over the world. And from them came the interest to learn more about Klerken.

Why Klerken? The Beauprez family is closely associated with Klerken. If we check the genealogy, it appears that all branches of the family go back to an ancestor who founded his family in Klerken: Maillard Beauprez.

Moreover, in the old baptismal registers, it is almost impossible to turn a page without finding the name Beauprez.

Klerken, church St. Laurentius
Klerken, church St. Laurentius
View on Klerken from Predikboom
View on Klerken from Predikboom
A view on Klerken, from direction of Esen

The history of Klerken is partly the history of the Beauprez family. So we’re lifting the veil here a little bit, to discover our roots.

Follow our journey through history!

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